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  1. I currently live in an apartment building directly on Lincoln Highway in Chicago Heights (1/4 mile west of where it intersects with Dixie) Its very noisy--makes it hard to sleep at night! but I appreciate the history.
  2. The Flossmoor stop was a wonderful experience for all who attended. Anyone who misses this tour should be kicking themselves. Michael Wallis gave an impassioned speech about the Lincoln and its legacy, and encouraging people to keep driving the old roads. The crowd here loved him--I am still getting people walking up to me at work and praising him. He also discussed at length the fact that Flossmoor is located in this triangle of historic roads--the Lincoln, The Dixie, and Route 66 all pass through or nearby. Unbeknownst to me, Michael apparently spent some time as a child in our small town, as he had an aunt and uncle that lived in Flossmoor. Brian Butko served admirably as a "warm-up" act to Wallis' speech (no offense intended, Brian) by presenting an informative and entertaining powerpoint presentation on photography from the Lincoln Highway, as well as Route 66 and other roadside attractions. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Michael Williamson did not address the crowd formally, but he was there for the book signing. I bought a copy for myself and spent the rest of the weekend reading...
  3. Thanks for that info Denny. It looks like people who attend this event get a lot of bang for their buck, so to speak! I'm very excited to have them stopping in our library. Incidentally, you can follow along on the tour via their blog at www.lincolnhighwaybook.com it appears they are updating it daily.
  4. wow what a thorough job! excellent work. I'm actually only on page three right now (i think i'll have to return to it in another sitting) but it makes for very interesting reading. Being a northern Illinoiser (to coin a phrase) I've actually never seen that part of Illinois...but I'm itchin to go now!
  5. Michael Williamson IS going to be there, however its my understanding that he will not be making any kind of speech or presentation, preferring (I must suppose) to let the authors do the public speaking. I'm hoping we will take part in the booksigning portion of the evening, however. He may just be "along for the ride" All of this info is based upon e-mail correspondence with Michael's agent, and the details seem to change every day! But I'm extremely pleased to all three esteemed gentlemen as guests of our library.
  6. Hello, my name is David Martin. I've been a roadfan since I was a kid, although working full-time and leading a generally busy life has prevented me from travelling as much as I would like. I live on Lincoln Highway a half-mile west of where it intersects with Dixie Highway, in an 80-year old apartment building. I have a keen interest in local history (which for me, means the Chicagoland area and Illinois in general). I am a reference librarian and director of adult programs for Flossmoor Public Library (hence the screenname). We are hosting an event with Michael Wallis and Brian Butko Friday July 27th, at 5 PM in the afternoon. It'll definitely be an exciting event for me personally and I am looking forward to meeting them both. I found this board through doing internet research on the authors and on the Lincoln Highway, it turns out some of the posts here are indexed by Google. When I saw the post about the Lincoln Highway Book Tour I thought I would sign up and contribute some information.
  7. Greetings! I just wanted to say if you lived east of Joliet, and/or didn't feel like waking up early on Saturday morning, you could always consider stopping in at our event with Michael Wallis at the Flossmoor Public Library. He will be here from 5 to 6:30 PM on Friday evening the night before his Joliet appearance. The Flossmoor Library is very close to where the Lincoln Highway intersects with the historic Dixie Highway in Chicago Heights, IL. Our library is located at 1000 Sterling Avenue in downtown Flossmoor, across the street from the Metra railroad station. (Map) We're hoping to get a really large turnout. Refreshments will be served. Also, I should mention that author Brian Butko will be appearing with Michael Wallis as well. David Martin Flossmoor Public Library
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