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  1. I'm planning a road trip from Seattle to South Dakota, going to see the Bad Lands of South Dakota,then goingto/want to go south through tornado alley,then Im going on to Dayton Ohio,and I might come back on route 66 dose any body have any Ideas on sights to see or things to do any suggestions? Is route 66 to far out of the way? or would it be fun to goback home through Canada? thanks Midnightcaller
  2. HI All, Iam the Midnightcaller I got that name because I used to call this BBS at Midnight when I came home from work. I live in the Lake Stevens,WA area and Iam into treasure hunting,and a ham radio operator. I also like getting into my car and going on any road I can find. One of my trips Iam planning is driving from Washington to Maine, then down the East Coast to Florida. then get on to rute 66 and come back home. I would like to do this trip on blue's highways and avoid the freeways you can see more than on a freeway. one goal in life is to see all 50 states and Canada.. How many people are from Washington How many people are ham radio operators? how many people are into metel detecting and treasure hunting?
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