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  1. Just joined. Name is Rick. While I love all old roads my favorite is Rt 66. I have lived along it in 3 places and in 60 years have never lived more than 90 miles from it. I have also lived on 60 and 81 and enjoy traveling on them. My wife and I will take a 2 lane over an Interstate any day and love to explore back roads. We also love to Geocache and usually combine the two interests. The last few years I have been spending time getting as much of Rt 66 documented and into DeLorme software on my laptop as possible. I now have all of the alignments done and color coded. Then I have a layer for notes and a layer for photos. So, I now have all of my Rt 66 documentation in one place. Recently I found a way to get my maps to display in Google Maps and put together a website to share them. It is totally non-commercial and has no ads. route66map Looking forward to participating in discussions on this board.
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