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  1. Hello, All, after perusing this forum, it appears it has been some time since any one has used it. Nevertheless, I am going to post a reply to the outdated others. My name is Jeff and I hail from Indiana. Been a Hoosier all my life. I've traveled extensively through out this beautiful land, but usually by air and, on occasion, rail. Now into reitrement, I want to experience the open road both by auto and on 2 wheels. Nothing conjures the feeling of freedom when your astride your 'cycle and wandering the byways. I'm also a history buff so want to take all the sites I've read about for so many years. Alaska and Hawaii are on my agenda, too, but not too sure about the road trip! LOL! especially the Aloha state. :-) Anyway, would love to hear from fellow bikers and road warriors who have some interesting tales to tell. I ride a Suzuki V-strom 650 with full set of luggage, gps, all the trimmings. When not doing that, Donna and I take the '97 Vette for road cruises when weather is warm and the top is down. Luv it! If anyone has picked up on this reply, we'd love to here from you. We love the seashore and the mountains. Planning a trip to colonial VA next summer. I could live in a motorhome, but that compromise has yet to find favor with all parties concerned. Happy Trails, buckaroos!!!
  2. New to AM Roads but am an avid back roads rider. We like to find out of the way places off the beaten path which is why we joined this here outfit. Anyway, looking for advice from anyone who has driven/riden old US Hwy 54 from IL (not sure where it starts) to El Paso, TX. In my map search, it appears to run through some desolate and rugged territory down through OK and on to the Lone Star state. If anyone has experience with this route, I'd like to know. Thanks in advance and Happy Trails... jessej
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