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    Hmmm, hadnt thought about that. With the kind of traveling I'm thinking about doing, that might be better anyway. How wide are school busses, generally speaking? I'm trying to get a rough idea of what I can do inside. Can anyone say "Partridge Family?"
  2. Colby


    I have been looking at various RV's/travel trailers, for awhile now, and figured it wouldnt hurt posting on here. I have never driven anything larger than a conversion van, nor towed anything b4, so I was thinking a class B would be the best bet for my situation. The only problem with that is, they tend to be kind of pricey. I have also been looking into converting my own van, into an RV. How difficult would this be?
  3. I have a condo booked in east texas, for the first week in april, so I was wondering if anyone might could help me plan a route. I am going from vernon, to hawkins, in the piney woods. I've checked mapquest, and the best route I can find is US380-E. I know its a pretty short trip, but there must be some interesting sights, along the way(bridges, tunnels, etc.) If anyone knows anything about this route, or other optional routes, can you please tell me? Btw, I've taken 287, idk how many times, which is why I was thinking of 380.
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