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  1. Follow, share, employ The Guy R Cook Report

  2. Good season Zags! There will be another season, other players.

  3. Happy Monday! See you tomorrow

  4. Congrats to Bulldogs! But, now I have to finish mowing so with every win, there's a moments chore to get done after.

  5. Just did a search on Twitter for kickass - seeing that 'word' lots recently.

  6. Thanks Geri Bartz for the idea, be sure that Matt sees who Batman is ok? :)

  7. I don't anymore, avoiding sugar, but if you can then have some, here's a post that's really for the grandkids, grand nephews and nieces and of course those whose sweet tooth is louder than their other teeth are.

  8. The wait is over. Check out the plants at Helpline.

  9. This is for all the folks selling leggings, just saw this now.

  10. No guessing what the price of something is, and many name brand item are in the inventory.

  11. This list from 2014 is still correct!

  12. Our cat OREO that sort of adopted us years ago, in a rare appearance in the house.

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