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  1. Hi, I'm Dragonrider, Live in North of England and coming over in a couple of weeks to 'do' the Lincoln Highway. Times Square to San Francisco. Really really looking forward to it. Bit of history grew up using public transort as did most others in UK at that time (I'm a baby boomer)so no fond memories of road trips to pass on. Didn't get to the USA until 2000 when we flew into LAX, hired a car and drove round California/Arizona for 2 weeks and got bitten by the Road-Trip Bug, must have been quite a bite too because we keep having to come back. We've since done California/Arizona again, then Florida all over twice, and in 2007 we 'did' Route 66, as in the words of the song Chicago to LA, not on a Hog though unfortunately. Lincoln highway is coming up as I said and after two cross country trips we'd like to do something north to south so are looking into the Dixie Highway for our next trip somewhere around 2012. We are sort of retired. He's retired and I'm still sort of working. Don't know what else to say except I'm looking forward to reading as many posts on here as possible, Dragonrider
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