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  1. That's the road!!!! THANKS! Now, I've just got to figure a way to print a copy (won't fit on a single page) so I can figure out the Current roads. Again, MANY Thanks!
  2. That is - indeed - the road I was asking about. How/where do you get a map?
  3. I have been watching The National Parks on PBS this past week as I assume a lot of us have been. There was mentioned a (proposed) National Parks Highway to make a circle around/through most/all of the then existing parks, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, California, etc. This was proposed in 1916/7. Did it ever happen, what are the roads/highway...? My wife and I have hit Yosimite, Yellowstone, Glasier, Arches, but would like to redo the circle and hit those again plus the ones we missed. Any ideas/suggestions?
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