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    I have always been attracted to vernacular landscaping and architecture, signage, the idiosyncratic expressioins of individuals. A graphic designer, I a focus on travel and tourism concerns.
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    Hi-This is Rock from Amarillo, Texas. Our family vacations were taken in the car headed west from Minnesota. No surprise that I am an avid roadster. I've lived in many parts of the west, and have traveled extensively throughout. A big fan of natural hot springs, I've had some interesting adventures seeking a remote soak. The west has provided many opportunities for off the beaten path travel of all sorts. I am a graphic designer, and have worked with travel and tourism concerns in small, rural communities throughout the west. Lots of dinosaurs and cowboys in my portfolio. We moved to Amarillo this summer, where there are new opportunities for exploring the local highways and small towns. Hey, I can visit Ol' 66 whenever I want! Rock