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  1. Thaky you all for your responses. Unfortunately I went on vacation just after my first post and then life has just not had enough time to spend on "the net". Finally a break to spend some research time. I plan tonight to begin the search of the American Map archives? for the data. I will be interested to see how well I was able to figure out what the route was from Bishop west. I did find, interestingly, some copies of early road maps on some sites on the net which gave me some clues. For the member plotting where we all live, I am in Phillipsburg, N.J. (just where I-78 crosses the Delaware River and about 60 miles south of the closest section of 6 in Milford Pa. We do get to ride (motorcycle) the portion of 6 from Scanton east several times a year, usually when going from one place to another, but for the most part this is a picturesque part of the road and a fun easy ride. Unfortunately although a lot of the Pa portion is a striking road there is also a fair of smaller (by eastern standards) old towns that are rather pesky to get through. Hope to participate with this group. Doug M.
  2. Hello All I am new here and just wanted to say hello. I have a dream, to ride US 6 from Provincetown, Ma to Bishop, Ca and ultimately to Long Beach on my motorcycle in a single trip. Have ridden pieces of it particularly in the east where I am from and have completed it from Provincetown to just over the Pa/Oh line and about another 180 miles in western Ohio and eastern Indiana. This with some short stretches in Ill and Co, Utah bring me up to just under 1000 miles on several trips. My hope is yet this year to in a separate trip finish the piece from the PA line through Cleveland and Sandusky to finish all of Ohio. Have done a lot of research for old maps of Ca. to determine where the route went from Bishop to Long Beach and think I have it figured out, at least the routing as it existed prior to the de-commissioning. Hope to participate in this forum Doug M.
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