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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Costas Schuler: Mercedes Pens

Foster Braun



My linkAmerican Road TripTalk (podcast) - Costas Schuler: Mercedes Pens

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Like any dedicated artist Costas Schuler wants to make his mark on the world. The only difference is that Costas wants to make that mark with used up pens, thousands of them, in all sizes and colors and all of them glued to his 1981 Mercedes 300D, better known simply as the Mercedes Pens. Costas has his sights set much higher than his ingeniously colorful ride and you'll hear more about what made Costas simply known as ThePen Guy and the big dream he has for the future in his adopted home state of California: Pentopia! You can help Costas realize his dream by mailing used pens to PO Box 994, Forestville, CA 95436 or visit his The Pen Guy Website


I want to thank the Heritage Tractor Adventure for sponsoring this American Road TripTalk. Join over 300 vintage tractors led by Max Armstrong as they travel the scenic byways of the I&M Canal Heritage Corridor from June 11 - 15. Visit HeritageTractorAdventure.com. Illinois ...Mile After Magnificent Mile.

American Road TripTalk (podcast) - Costas Schuler: Mercedes Pens

Click here to listen...

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Feel free to comment, criticize and correct our podcasts because we are always looking to make them better. In particular, if you know of anyone who might make a good subject for these podcasts, please let me know in the comments section. See you soon on the great American Road.



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