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Oct 19th 2006

Early morning at the camp ground proved that the heavy rains overnight left our gear and ourselves soaking wet. We packed up the wet gear and headed out for the next days adventure. With rain still in the forecast, we could see peaks of sunlight through the trees.

Our first stop on this morning was to visit Mount Mitchell, But upon arriving at the gate, we were to early as the gates didn't open till later. Tempted to leave, we notice a park ranger pull up and asked us to follow him up to the parking lot which was atop of a clearing which offered magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. We weren't going to pass up a chance like this to have open views of the park and other mountains, But I fear that because of the rain and clouds, I wouldn't have a chance to see these other sights atop the mountain.

Driving up to and into the lot, the views were better than expected, the sun was making its appearance in the eastern sky, poking it's way through the thick overnight clouds. It was a sight to see, watching the sunlight through the clouds casting shadows on the surrounding mountains. With the low clouds and the sun peaking through these clouds, we could almost reach up and touch the clouds as they slowly moved across the sky.

Just one of those experiences back in 2006 we'll never forget.


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