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W.Va. Midland Trail


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Hello- I hope the conversation on U.S. 60 can push westward through the big scenery of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. In New Mexico, U.S. 60 started out in the early teens as the Abo Pass Highway. We put a little bit of its history on our web site: http://www.drivetheost.com/abopass.html]http://www.drivetheost.com/abopass.html. This Sunday the Clovis (New Mexico) Journal will run an article on the Abo and U.S. 60. We're going to follow this up with an Abo Highway bike tour, T-shirts, etc. There is interest to revive U.S. 60 as a heritage trail, with two bills passed in the New Mexico state legislature along these lines. JWM, DrivetheOST

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Thanks for adding Route 60. I frequently drive the Midland Trail between White Sulfur Springs and Charleston, W.Va. It's a great drive with some great scenery.


I drive Rt 60 every day to work to Huntington, WV from Ashland, KY. It's a much nicer, more relaxing drive than I-64. I also have driven the route from Charleston to around the New River area. It's some of the most beautiful country that I have ever seen. The entire route is on the list for my wife and I once we do the Rt 66 trip.

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