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Wanted - Your memories of old, regional chains or local mom 'n pops


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Bob's Big Boy and other "Big Boy" restaurants have obviously shrunken to near oblivion. ...


And is Hardies still alive anywhere? Seems they tried a comeback several years ago and then died again.

Here in Indiana we had some Frisch's Big Boy restaurants that expanded and contracted from Ohio where they seem to still be going strong. More than three letters, though.


Our Hardee's just got remodeled. Now they have this store-within-a-store "Red Burrito" they are trying to market. Don't know how successful that has been because I haven't been inside a Hardee's for over 5 years.



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In northern Indiana we used to have Azar's Big Boy restaurants. Must have used extra-skinny letters to fit them on the sign.


I remember Tastee Freezes (or was that Freezs)? In northern IN/southern MI, where I saw them, they were kind of a poor man's Dairy Queen.


Hardee's is quite alive and well here in central Indiana. I am sure many Hoosiers still haven't forgiven them for taking over all our Burger Chef locations 20+ years ago.

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Anybody seen a Toddle House or Dobbs House recently? They were both parts of airline catering companies and were quite common around the major cities of the country in the 1960s and 1970s. There was also a string of diners call "The Pit." They were appropriately named as they were all the "pits." A bit like about half the Waffle Houses.


Burger Chef? I remember those but weren't they purchased by Burger King back in the 1970s? Dang, almost forgot about Minnie Pearl's Fried Chicken. Nice places, but as I recall the major investors and Minnie got all crosswise with one another and the whole thing blew up.


Sambo's.....remember the big racial flap over the story of "Little Black Sambo" that put them out of business? I think the original Sambo's is still in business in the L.A. area.


Glad to see Hardees is still around I always thought they were a notch above the other burger chains.





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