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We all know about that great Root 66 Beer from Illinois, but now we have our own alcoholic beer. But as far as I know, only available in the UK.


Came across an article in the UK's Barkeeper site saying that Protege's International Route 66 Premium Beer is now available in Tesco's across the country. A Tesco is like our Wal-Mart.


I went to their website www.route66beer.com and saw Cadillac Ranch with one car replaced by a Route 66 Beer bottle. Their logo: "Route 66- a long Rejuvenating, Lean, Cool drink." Also the words, "The unforgettable Route 66 is the embodiment of the American Dream."


The label features a car in a desert scene and the words Route 66.


Has anybody seen any of this beer?


Got Me Thirsty, You Know. --RoadDog

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