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Route 66 Trip A-comin'!

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Hi all,


My wife and I are planning a Route 66 trip from Chicago thru MO this May, with our toddler daughter. I would like to hear your thoughts on fun things to see and do west of St. Louis.


We have seen all of Rt 66 in IL, so we're not going to spend too much time in our home state. We will be doing some fun things in St. Looie, like the zoo, a children's museum, and of course the Arch. Then we'll get back on 66 and head west, and that's where I'd like to hear from some of you veteran Mother Road travelers.


We will be traveling with our 2-year-old daughter, so family friendly activities/attractions are a must, as well as lodging- we'll prob. be camping at least 2 or 3 nights in a row, depending on the weather and what campsites we can find. Otherwise we'll be moteling, so your thoughts on clean, safe motels and campgrounds will be much appreciated.


As a thanks-in-advance, I offer you the attached pic, taken by yours truly in WI.




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Greetings & welcome aboard, Gus! I really enjoyed your intro in the other section. I know fellow poster Kip Welborn makes sure his 3 year old daughter Natalie experiences the same thing you're having your daughter experience. Hopefully Kip will drop by and give his thoughts.


I'd say after you leave St. Louis, about an hour up the road, make Stanton a stop:

-Meramec Caverns

-Antique Toy Museum

-Jesse James Museum

-Riverside Reptile Ranch


I know it's not far from where, I'm guessing, you'll be sleeping over in St. Louis, but Meramec Caverns also has a sizable camping facility. The Stanton Motel up at the interchange with I-44/66 is well worth the stay. I know further up on the western fringes of Joplin, there's a permanent little amusement park (at least it was the last time I was through there last year). It's kinda like one of those traveling amusement parks you see that move from shopping center parking lot to shopping center parking lot....but it doesn't move. :) Just curiuos, how far west are you expecting to go on this trip?

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Just curiuos, how far west are you expecting to go on this trip?


Thanks for the welcome.


How far west we go depends on what we hear from helpful travelers like yourself! We're leaving Chicago on a Sat. morning, arrivign St. Louis that afternoon/evening. We'll prob. spend a couple days there, so say we hit Rt. 66 W of the city on Tues. morning. I'll have to be back home near Chicago on Sunday, and we'll prob. take the insterstates on the way back home so we'll have more time to take it easy on the way west on 66. So, I'd say we'll prob. be on 66 westbound for 3 days, maybe 4. Wherever we can get in that time is fair game! Thx again.

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Welcome, Gus. When I saw the mention of a toddler and Missouri, the first thing I thought of was Natalie leading her parents around the area. The second was KidsOn66, Emily Priddy's recently updated guide to kid friendly stops along Sixty-Six. The guide is budget friendly (as in free), too. To me, 3 or 4 days of westbound travel sounds like you'll get well into Oklahoma but having a two year old on board probably makes any guess of mine near meaningless. If you do approach Tulsa, I'd think that both Catoosa's Blue Whale and the not-quite-on-66 World's Tallest Totem Pole at Foyil would be fun stops.

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