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New Blog Started "for Namesake"

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a new Blog on American Road. It is entitled "For Namesake". It is about cities and towns in America that were inspired by Famous World Cities. With each installment of this blog we will explore towns in our great country that have the same names as famous world cities. Places like Athens, Berlin, Cairo, Dublin, London, Paris, etc. Many of these are along famous highways like Route 66, the Lincoln Highway, Yellowstone Trail, etc., while others are on back country roads that you might otherwise never drive on.


So far I have posted an introduction Blog and two towns, Athens, Texas and Florence, Oregon. Many more will follow every week or two. If you can't wait to read about them all (185 or so in total) you can read ahead by going to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and downloading a copy of my Ebook about them "For Namesake, a Travel Book - Places in America Inspired by Famous World Cities". Search for it by my name Rick Etchells.


Hope that you all enjoy - I wrote it for all of us that have an urge to wander even if that is only in your armchair with a map and a suitable cool drink alongside.


etchr66 (aka Rick Etchells)



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I've been reading and enjoying the blog and plan on digging into the ebook when my current "to read" stack gets a little shorter. Definitely some interesting tidbits revealed -- and some nice pictures from the California trip, too.

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