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Alex Burr - hester_nec

1926 Automobile Blue Book General Index Map - 1926

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I just got a General Index Map off ebay showing main auto routes from a 1926 Volume 2 Automobile Blue Book.


It covers, on one side, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York from Route 20 south, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The other side covers North Carolina to Florida, the gulf States to Mississippi, Tennessee and southern Kentucky.


1926 U S highway numbers are not given, but state route numbers are. On the southeastern states routes are lettered as follows:

B - Bankhead Highway; BL - Bee Line Highway; D - Dixie Highway; DB - Dixie Bee Line; DO - Dixie Overland Highway; F - Florida Short Route; J - Jackson Highway; Jf - Jefferson Highway; Le - Lee Highway (now U S 11); M - Mississippi River Scenic Highway (Now U S 61); MV - Mississippi Valley Highway; N - National Old Trails Road; S - Old Spanish Trail.


The other side, showing northern states, does say some states have not completed the numbering - I take that to mean the new U S highway numbers. Key to organized highways lists the following named highways:

B - Bankhead Highway; H - Horseshoe Trail; J - Jackson Highway; LT - Lakawanna Trail;

LS - Lakes-to-Sea Highway; Le - Lee Highway; Ly - Liberty Highway; L - Lincoln Highway;

N - National Old Trails Highway; RM - Roosevelt Midland Trail; SV - Shenandoalh Valley Pike;

ST - Susquehanna Trail; T - Tidewater Trail; P - William Penn Highway; Y - Yellowstone Trail


I havn't as yet looked over the map to see where these named highways run - some, like Lee Highway (now U S 11), Yellowstone Trail (now U S 20) and Dixie Highway I'm familiar with. Some of the others I've heard reference to. Looking at the map I found that the Lakes-to-Sea Highway, which I thought was U S 6 ran between Erie, down thru Franklin, over to Harrisburg, finally disappearing somewhere just to the west of Philidelphia. I can't find any markings east of Philly. More digging.


I found the Mississippi River Scenic Highway (M) interesting - today it is known, pretty much of its way, as the Great River Road Scenic ByWay - for some reason I think the previous name summed it up much better. :D



Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

Edited by Alex Burr - hester_nec

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