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Harold de Bock

Pictorial Saga Dixie Highway Riding Dutchman 2008

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Riding over 3500 miles solo on a motorcycle along the Dixie Highway western and eastern itinerary from Bloomington Indiana to Key West Florida and back offers a never ending series of impressions that wait to be remembered.


To supplement the story elsewhere on this forum, I have put my foreigner's admiration and amazement into a 'subtitled' pictorial saga. You may live the saga through this link:




Subjects addressed include: Road views, Old Main Street, Southern Glory, Tina Turner, Elvis Presley, President Carter, Everglades, Jack Daniel's, The Confederacy and Archeology on Dixie Highway.


For 2009 I am researching what is left of the Old Lincoln Highway. This website is one of the sources - in addition to the site of the Lincoln Highway Association which shows there is historic interest in keeping the memory of that Highway alive. I am not intersted in riding interstates, only the old roads or what is left of them. It is the places and people along the old roads that matter.


The Lincoln Highway may well be the third sequel to Route 66 in 2007 and the Dixie Highway in 2008.



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Ah, yes. There she is. The elusive Everglades Fairy. Not worth the full 3500 mile ride, perhaps, but justifying a mile or two and worthy of the stop. Good pictures and good comments throughout. Don Wop's was maybe even a little cooler than I expected; Nutbush even sadder than I expected.


For those who don't know (or don't remember;-), the "elsewhere on this forum" that Harold mentions is here. It contains a link to text postings of his DH ride.


I'm presently a bit more interested than usual since driving the Dixie from Asheville, NC, (made it that far over Thanksgiving) to Miami, FL, is a potential Christmas Escape Route. Even if I do make the trip, none of it will be on a three cylinder motorcycle or in a pink VW convertible and I know I'll be missing out on something because of that.

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A great photo trip!!!! I'm sitting here at my computer at 8:30 in the morning, my stomach telling me it's time to get breakfast, but I couldn't stop looking thru your great album.


It appears that you'll find murals, like the one's you showed, all over the place here in the south. I keep finding them on the sides of buildings - as you say "check out the side streets".


So much is going away - yet so much seems to remain.



Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

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