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  1. My wife and I had to make a flying trip home due to her father being seriously ill. Home for us is Hillsboro, IL, which is 10 miles east of Litchfield. We also had to leave last Thursday so she could be back here for work today. Unfortunately, her father passed away less than 12 hours after we arrived back in Washington, so she flew back yesterday........... I went to high school in Hillsboro and my first unsupervised road trip was to Litchfield. We went to the Burger Chef, which was the original business in the building behind The Ariston in this picture. This was taken from the intersection of IL 16 and what we knew as "Old Route 66." The next image is of what was then the "New 66" looking south towards the IL 16 intersection. I wish I had thought to take some pictures of the Sky View Drive-In. It was the place to go when I was in high school and I spent many Friday nights there. However, at my advanced age, I cannot seem to remember any of the movies that were showing at the time. To the best of my memory, I couldn't tell you what played there the day after........whodathunk? Ahhhhhh the memories! It is a good thing that GTO back seats can't talk!
  2. My search for the Oregon Trail has started. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some time with my youngest son on the Snake River in Hells Canyon. On the way back home I took the time for some trail searching. This post will be the first of many, I hope, documenting my search for visible evidence of the Oregon Trail and highways/roads located on or near the trail. The first pictures were taken on the Sisley Creek Road just north of the Weatherby Rest area off of I-84. This road is located on top of the actual Trail. The emigrants used this route to get around Gold Mountain, which could not be climbed with the wagons and oxen. The next images were taken in Birnie Park on the south edge of La Grande, Or. It is a City Park situated on the location of an emigrant campground along side the OT. This park contains some excellent education info for kids and adults which makes it a good stop if you are following the Trail. The actual trail ran just to the left of this picture. This picture was taken looking south from Birnie Park and shows "B" Avenue in La Grande going up the hill from left to right. The actual Trail runs under "B" Avenue. The next series of pictures was taken in the Deadman's Pass area along I-84. There are two rest areas at this exit, one for eastbound and one for westbound traffic. The first picture is of an Oregon Trail Marker located on the South side of the east bound rest area. Next to the marker there is a steel stairway over the fence leading to some visible Oregon Trail Swales. There are at least two sets and maybe more as it is hard to tell, but they are approximately 100 yards long. These two images are of the actual swales, portions of which are visible without climbing over the fence. From this spot in the eastbound rest area, you can sight diagonally across I-84 to the south side of the other rest area and visualize the actual route of the Trail through the interchange. Located just to the south of the westbound rest area you can find these swales leading up the hill towards the Pendleton area. There appear to be at least two swales here.......one I am standing in while taking this picture and one just to the other side of the large tree. The tree is growing on the hump between the trails. This next image was taken just slightly to the right of the last one and may show a third set of tracks leading up the same hill......I'm just not for sure. It is really hard to tell when standing there and even harder in the pictures! That was all for this trip, but I plan on taking my grandson on an Oregon Trail Discovery Trip this summer. We plan on doing a Power Point Presentation together so he can report on our trip for his history class next year. He is 9 years old and we are really looking forward to the trip. I also plan on updating this thread as time goes along with my "discoveries" of Oregon Trail history an actual swales. I just hope this is as enjoyable for some of you as it is for me. Hutch
  3. The Pinto was probably only outdone as a piece of you know what by the Vega, especially the first year Vega. I should know, we bought one brand spanking new. It was a GT to boot........... Still junk from day one!
  4. Good morning from Richland, WA. I have driven most of this great country, except for the Northeast, and like nothing better than taking day trips to drive somewhere. Health issues now keep me closer to home, but allow much more time for dreaming up the next trip! Next on the agenda is a trip along the Oregon Trail. My goal is to drive the entire length of the trail and view as much of the remaining tracks as possible. One good thing about living where I do is the ability to visit sections of the trail nearby without taking several days to do so. Yesterday on my way home from La Grande, Or., I "discovered some original tracks just off the freeway that anyone with 5 minutes to spare can view by stopping in a rest area! I will start a thread with pictures as soon as I get the pics out of the camera. If any of you living close to the OT have local information that you could share, I would really appreciate it. I may attempt some type of book based on my research and travels over the next 3 or 4 years. Again, hello to all. This looks like a great place! Hutch
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