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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Dave Preston: Breezy Rider

Foster Braun



American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Dave Preston: Breezy Rider

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For nearly a decade Dave Preston has entertained readers of the American Road Magazine with reviews and commentary on our heritage roadways. Recently I had an opportunityto talk to him about his passion and favorite way to see the American Road: on a motorcycle! In our story you'll hear how Dave went from being a schoolteacher to become a motor enthusiast and learn about some of his favorite rides.

Dave has also written and self-published three books and a collection of essays which can be read as eBooks on Kindle, iPad and Nook readers. They are:

  • Motorcycle 101 - a light-hearted guide to motorcycling for those new to or returning to motorcycles.
  • Motorcycle 201 - an extensively revised e-book edition with added sections and
  • Mourning Ride - available as an e-book at Amazon.com featuring plot twists, adventure, a couple of motorcycles, and a few explosions!
  • Motorcycle Heart, Theory, and Practice - a collection of essays written for Sound Rider! magazine and a few others.

You can also find Dave through his website: www.davidpreston.biz


American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Dave Preston: Breezy Rider

Click here to listen... 10:00

Click here to download...


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Feel free to comment, criticize and correct our podcasts because we are always looking to make them better. In particular, if you know of anyone who might make a good subject for these podcasts, please let me know in the comments section. See you soon on the great American Road.

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