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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Steve Sidlecki: Christmas Leg-Acy

Foster Braun



American Road Trip Talk (podcast)- Steve Sidlecki: Christmas Leg-acy

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"You'll shoot your eye out!" was probably the most famous line in The Christmas Story but the infamous leg lamp that became the movie's most famous prop. As a matter of fact it was a homemade version of the Leg Lamp that served as the inspiration and one of the main means that led, former Navy pilot, Brian Jones to buy the house in 2005 and recreating the magic of Ralph and Randy's cozy home. The full story behind the rebirth of the Christmas Story House can be found in the Grand Old US Six column written by Joe Hurley for the Vol. 8 Winter 2010 issue of the American Road Magazine. In this TripTalk Steve Sidlecki, the executive director of The Christmas Story House and Museum fills in more of the details. Visit The Christmas Story House just three miles off of US 6 as it passes through Cleveland, Ohio or online at their homepage to find the times for visiting and some of the merchandise from the movie. Just imagine how you'd look in one of those pick bunny pajamas!

By the way, Peter Billingsley, who played Ralph in the original movie still has a place in his heart for the story. "In 2010 he returned to his 'A Christmas Story' roots as executive director of 'A Christmas Story The Musical.' played as a pre-Broadway engagement in Kansas City where it was the most successful engagement in the history of the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. The producers will continue developing the production at the 5th Avenue Theatre this year with the goal of taking the production to Broadway in 2011.

American Road Trip Talk (podcast)- Steve Sidlecki: Christmas Leg-acy

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This American Road TripTalk is brought to you by Houma, LA. You are invited to discover a truly unique and authentic Cajun Mardi Gras celebrated nowhere else but in Houma, Louisiana - in the heart of the Cajun Wetlands. Festivities start February 25 and run to Mardi Gras on March 8, 2011. For more information check out their flier.

Feel free to comment, criticize and correct our podcasts because we are always looking to make them better. In particular, if you know of anyone who might make a good subject for these podcasts, please let me know in the comments section. See you soon on the great American Road.



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