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A Museum With History That Should Never Be Forgotten




Hello everyone!! As the weather gets nicer, more the public will be out and about on the road, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, road trips, and all the unique places the US has throughout its road systems. This country's interstate system is one that can anyone with a vehicle or motorcycle just about anywhere, and if the interstate does not go directly to that place, there are many, many roads and old highways that can get us to where we need to go. In the Midwest there are so many different things to see and it is much more than the perception of farms and cornfields. That is what this blog is about, what is out there in the Midwest regions, the Heartland of this country. I will start by writing about a very unique museum with historical significance that should never be forgotten. The World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO is well worth a visit.





The Liberty Memorial - World War I Museum is a tour through world history. This museum tells the story of WWI, how it began, the people involved, the struggles, etc. During a visit to take time and read all the little placards throughout the outer rim of the museum as well as those on the walls inside about specific individuals. They all tell a unique story and this puts a very emotional human element to this time period. The placards capture the stories of real people from all walks of life thrown into a harsh and unforgiving environment. I created a short album in the gallery, highlighting some of the wall murals that the museum recieved over time. Below is also the link to the museum:



The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City



The museum is one of many things to see and do during a road trip into the Midwest. I will be creating a bunch of topics as time moves on about the region that will make for a real interesting and knowledgable get away road trip. Safe traveling everyone!! :)





John Courter-(CTA-Certified Tourism Ambassador)

(Owner, Museum Hill Bed and Breakfast, St, Joseph, MO)



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