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American Road Triptalk (Podcast) Jim Cassler: Three Roads Tour 2016

Foster Braun



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Road tours have become immensely popular with our readers and listeners. What better way to enjoy our great national than along its classic two lane arteries? Roads like the National Road, the Lincoln Highway and Route 66 evoke childhood memories for many of us following WWII and the postwar baby boom leading to the arrival of motor courts/motels and wonderful roadside attractions.

This year the National Lincoln Highway Association has organized another wonderful road tour. Organizer Jim Cassler is our guest on this podcast and he spells out the route for the Three Roads Tour 2016. The trip begins in Cumberland, MD on June 17, 2016 and ends 8 days later in Joliet, IL near the Route 66 Museum in downtown Joliet. Jim describes what goes into one of these tours and, while membership for this one is closed, it might just whet your appetite to look for the next road tour you find on a favorite stretch of two lane majesty through the heart of America. You can follow the Three Roads Tour progress by visiting www.lincolnhghwayassoc.org.



Springfield Ill Logo 2015

Visit Springfield Illinois, Abraham Lincoln’s hometown, where History Comes Alive. From June 7 – August 13, experience nineteenth century life and even meet Mr. Lincoln himself.


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