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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast): Dan Gavinski: Dell Duck Dynasty Part 2

Foster Braun




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Our Spring 2015 issue of American Road Magazine was dedicated to the Trail of the Ancients, finding some of the American Road’s oldest attractions. The Upper and Lower Dells of the Wisconsin River are one of Nature’s works of art in Southwest Wisconsin that have been a tourist attraction since just after the Civil War. It is also the site in 2015 of the 70th anniversary of its famous Duck Tours. No we aren’t talking about a feathery parade. These DUCKS are six-wheel-drive amphibious modification of the 2-ton trucks used during World War II.

This podcast is the second of two conversations with Dan Gavinski, the General Manager of the original Wisconsin Ducks and Dells Boat Tours, who has risen from parking lot attendant to running the whole show. In this interview Dan talks describes the remarkable Ducks and other aspects of the high powered aquatic entertainment at the Dells and finally about the upcoming 70th Anniversary celebration.


Blue Carpet Logo

This podcast is made possible by the Illinois Route 66. They invite you to a whole weekend of fun on the Blue Carpet Corridor on Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14. The Blue Carpet Corridor, from Chatham down to Collinsville, is a unique section of Route 66 characterized not only by its Mother Road charm, but also its rich mining history and colorful mobster lore. For maps, updates, news, and complete event schedules, go to www.bluecarpetcorridor.org.


Heritage Corridor Star Wars Sign

We’re also sponsored by Heritage Corridor Event of the Month. Star Wars fanatics! Join us at the Joliet Public Library's 6th Annual Star Wars Day! A Kickoff parade, free prizes and activities and tons of costumed characters. Saturday, June 6th from 11am to 4pm. May the force be with you!



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