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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast): Doug Nutter: Moonshine Festival Special Part 1

Foster Braun



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Over the last few years American Road Magazine has featured stories about the Hocking Hills in southeast Ohio. This beautiful part of the state is quite different from the flat farms lands of the north and east of the Buckeye state. In the Hocking Hills the land begins to roll gently as it heads southeast into the Appalachian Mountains and the Virginias.

This is a two-part conversation about a time-honored tradition of the region: moonshining! While the typical homemade and very illegal distillery is still plentiful in the area around New Straitsville, OH, our guest Doug Nutter runs the completely legal and highly taxed Straisville Special Moonshie Co. Doug’s fountain of hooch became legal just in time for the 2014 New Straitsville Moonshine Festival, which has been going on for a long time.

In this Part 1 of our conversation, Doug Nutter shares the fascinating history of moonshining in the Appalachians where it is a survival business, family heritage and a big part of the culture. In Part 2 Doug will talk more about the festival and the his family’s recipe and how the process works.


Heritage Corridor Logo 2014

This podcast is brought to you by the Illinois Heritage Corridor who invite you to wrap up your summer with a roar at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill Sept 11-13. The chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup starts here with three days of rip roaring, heart pounding entertainment for the whole family. For more information visit chicagolandspeedway.com.






Today’s podcast is also brought to you by Vandalia, Ill where for more than forty years, they has been celebrating their history and heritage with the Grande Levee’ on the grounds of the Vandalia Statehouse, the Oldest State Capitol Building in Illinois. This year, 2014, the event will be held on the first weekend of October, October 3 & 4. All events for the Grande Levee’ will take place on the Statehouse Lawn.

Bring the entire family for a wonderful harvest festival at the Vandalia Grande Levee.

For more information on the Harvest Festival, contact Latisha Paslay, Tourism Commission Directorat at 618-283-2728 or email: lpaslay@vandaliaillinois.com.






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