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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast) Dave Silva: Road Warriors Favorite Beast

Foster Braun



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We all have a trusted steed that carries across the American Road whether it’s a vintage VW Campervan or the latest Hybrid. But there is group of travelers with a peculiarly deep passion for an historic American Road vehicle: The GMC Motorhome. From 1974-1978 GMC made the only RV produced by a major automaker. Of the 12,000 made, 8000 are believed to still be on the road.


The GMC motorhome was not a home stuck on top of a truck frame; it was intentionally built as a motorhome from the ground up. In addition the community of devoted fans who keep these spectacular RV’s going are unique among car groups. According to our guest, Dave Silva, an avid RV fan and chronicler of the GMC Motorhome, “There is a cottage industry of specialized vendors, all on a first name basis. They drive these 40 year old coaches all over the country under the protection of the 'Blacklist'."” This is a story not only of a remarkable house on wheels but also of the passionate people who have kept them running on the American Road.


Check out Dave Silva's homepage.




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This Podcast is Brought to you by:

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For more than forty years, Vandalia has been celebrating their history with the Grande Levee’ on the grounds of the Vandalia Statehouse, which is the Oldest State Capitol Building in Illinois. This year, 2013, the event will be held September 27 & 28. To coincide with the Grande Levee’, the Vandalia Tourism Commission will be hosting their Annual Harvest Festival downtown Saturday, September 28th with fun for every member of the family. For more information, contact Vandalia Tourism Center at 618-283-2728 or email tourism@vandaliaillinois.com.


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This podcast is also brought to you by the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition. This fall plan a visit to the amazing corn maze tribute to the Lincoln Highway Centennial at Jonamac Orchard in Malta, Il. The first Seedling Mile of this historic highway was laid in Malt. Test your orienteering skills and try not to get lost in the 10 acre corn maze with 3 miles of pathways and two bridges. The maze opens Saturday, August 31 and runs through late October. Find out more about this colossal corn curiosity by visiting jonamacorchard.com/




Pick up a copy of American Road magazine and don't miss another edition!



Pick up a copy of American Road magazine and don't miss another edition!



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You are correct, sir, and thanks for the correction. I was well beyond my Funk and Wagnall's when I grabbed that particularly since it connotes an "inferior" copy of the original. Can't even remember what I was reaching for. ;-))

Hope all is well with you.

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