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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast): Jim Kopp: Drive In Jeopardy

Foster Braun



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Perhaps no other roadside attraction is as closely identified with the American Road as the neighborhood drive in movie theatres that once dotted the US map. Sadly the ritual of warm summer evenings with the family piled in the car to watch the latest blockbuster has gone the way of the Edsel in most places. But the good news is that people like Jim Kopp of Stephens City, VA are hard at work keeping that tradition alive. Our guest on this podcast runs the Family Drive In, a 500 car, outdoor, twin theatre that is the last remaining Drive In in northern Virginia about an hour west of Washington, D.C.

Jim is not only passionate about keeping this unique entertainment experience alive but he has found a very special way to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Drive In Theatres in America. He helped create a category for an upcoming episode of Jeopardy. The venerable game show will air a special, July 4th show featuring a category called At The Drive In. Don't miss this historic holiday special. Jim will share all the details in today’s podcast.


Look for an upcoming issue of American Road Magazine that will celebrate 80 years of Drive In pleasure in America.


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