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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast): Virginia Sullivan: Cycling Route 66 Part 2

Foster Braun



http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/W2llWfCx] Click here to listen...[/url]

http://americanroad.audioacrobat.com/download/215e88c5-da76-3683-3c13-ac7207386297.mp3] Click here to download…[/url]


For most of us the idea of rolling down Route 66 involves a nostalgic trip on 4 wheels powered by a motor. For Virginia Sullivan that’s two wheels too many and her vehicle runs on legs. She is part of Adventure Cycling Association based in Missoula, Montana. I caught up with her on a Skype connection a while back to talk about an ambitious Route 66 mapping project and to learn about the association. In part 2 of our conversation, Ginny explains how this great cycling group sprang up in remote Missoula, Montana.




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