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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast): Becky Repp Special Interview: Part 1

Foster Braun



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Foster Braun has not only been the host of American Road Trip Talk but he has also been the co-host of The Internet Advisor radio program on WJR 760-AM in Detroit since 1998. It was there that he met Thomas and Becky Repp, the co-founders of American Road Magazine. In this interview Foster and his co-host Gary Baker chatted with Becky Repp in 2011 about a summer issue that featured classic drive-ins and they discussed the best things about traveling the great two lane highways of America. In Part 2 of this Special Anniversary series of interviews, Becky will talk about the resources offered by the magazine's homepage on the Internet.



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Pick up a copy of American Road magazine and don't miss another edition!



Pick up a copy of American Road magazine and don't miss another edition!




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