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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Jake Sigal: Riding Digital Shotgun

Foster Braun


blog-0825524001332771575.jpgAmerican Road Trip Talk (podcast)– Jake Sigal: Riding Digital Shotgun

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American Road TripTalk is where you normally meet the people behind the stories and places on American Road Magazine. This show, however, will introduce you to a new companion for your next trip down that road.


If you can figure out how to listen to a podcast, there is a good chance that you understand some things about digital devices like iPods, smartphones and the device we’ll talk about. This special American Road TripTalk podcast is all about a new digital way of taking your favorite traveling tunes, audiobooks and radio stations on the road with you. This podcast includes an interview conducted by Foster Braun with Jake Sigal the inventor of Livio Radio. This simple but elegant car kit is used along with a free application that you download to connect a smartphone wirelessly to any car radio. It's a perfect companion for long road trips.


Click on these links to find out more about Livio's free car Internet radio application for iPhone and Android and the Livio Radio Car Kit .





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