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American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Dr. Cristina Schnider: Night Driving Safety

Foster Braun



American Road Trip Talk (Podcast)– Dr. Cristina Schnider: Night Driving Safety

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What is the least favorite part of a trip? No matter where you are headed or how long the trip is, the least pleasant aspect of the journey is usually driving at night. Signs are harder to read, the fellow coming at you won't dim his headlights and there's always the concern that something will dart out in front of you, particularly on winding rural roads. You could decide to drive only in the daytime but for most of us that isn't a reasonable option. Fortunately Dr. Cristina Schinder, Senior Director, Medical Affairs for Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, has great advice that will help you keep trucking through the darkest night, safely.

Key facts about night driving:

  • According to a nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Road & Travel magazine and ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, nearly one of every three drivers say they have difficulty seeing all or most of the time while driving in the dark.
  • Starting at age 20, the amount of light needed to drive doubles every 13 years, so by the time a person is about 60, they'll need 10 times as much light as a 19 year old to see clearly.
  • The per-mile crash rate for teenage drivers is three times higher after 9 p.m. than during the day.
  • 25% of travel occurs during hours of darkness, and 49% of fatal crashes occur at night.
  • According to the National Safety Council, the fatality rate at nighttime is three times higher than the daytime rate




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Pick up a copy of American Road magazine and don't miss another edition!



Pick up a copy of American Road magazine and don't miss another edition!




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