American Road Trip Talk: Mermaid Revival

Mermaid Revival

To inaugurate a new era and look at American Road Magazine, we are reviving a feature that has helped our readers dig deeper and enjoy more fully the articles that appear in our quarterly magazine.  Just over 10 years ago we published our first podcast.  American Road Magazine  has been noted for its great photography and prolific prose.  Therefore It was a novel thing, at the time, to introduce a spoken segment as an offering to its readers. In the brief decade since, podcasts have become more and more prevalent forms of communication for everything from newspapers to budding gurus.

Therefore we are launching our shiny, new website with a new series of regular podcasts.  They will focus on the people and places that we visit in the magazine.  Today we travel back to conversations recorded in 2007 when editors Thomas and Becky Repp toured the country;  this interview took place in Florida with retired Mermaid, Barbara Wynns, whom you can see pictured in her heyday at Weeki Wachee Spring.

We hope that you will enjoy these conversations and join us here often.


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