Diner Days

Diner Days has remained one of the most popular departments in American Road. Readers look to it to tell them where to find that great Yankee pot roast on their vacations; writers love to write for it because it gives them an excuse to indulge in a second slice of strawberry-laden cheesecake.  Diner Days installments showcase the shining, prefabricated diners of New England, of course, but the department also visits vintage mom-and-pop eateries of every shape and size across the country. The only rule? Featured restaurants must serve up good food that has passed the test of time.

Papermoon Diner in Baltimore, Maryland

The entire fantasia is the fruit of a funky teaming between Papermoon owner Un Kim and designer David Briskie. Kim was an immigrant from South Korea who came to the[…]

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Mayberry Drive-In and Diner in Moneta, Virginia

Although the Mayberry Drive-In and Diner has no direct connection to The Andy Griffith Show’s fictitious town, this combination eatery and outdoor cinema does share with the TV series a[…]

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The Little Tea Shop in Memphis, Tennessee

The Little Tea Shop is the oldest continuously operated restaurant in Memphis. It opened in 1918 in the basement of the Memphis Cotton Exchange. At the time, only the higher-ups[…]

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Water Gap Diner in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania

The story of the Water Gap Diner began more than 400 million years ago, when a continent collided with North America. The Blue Mountains and Kittatinny Ridge were formed by[…]

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Miss Washington Diner in New Britain, Connecticut

A ride on a Harley-Davidson—and memories of cooking with Mom—gave new life to the Miss Washington Diner.   Just ask owner Dan Czako. “I have literally always been waiting to[…]

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