Diner Days

Diner Days has remained one of the most popular departments in American Road. Readers look to it to tell them where to find that great Yankee pot roast on their vacations; writers love to write for it because it gives them an excuse to indulge in a second slice of strawberry-laden cheesecake.  Diner Days installments showcase the shining, prefabricated diners of New England, of course, but the department also visits vintage mom-and-pop eateries of every shape and size across the country. The only rule? Featured restaurants must serve up good food that has passed the test of time.

Neptune’s Net in Malibu, California

There’s that song—or is it several songs?—about driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, top down, sunshine on your shoulder, redhead at your side, wind blowin’ in your hair, Beach Boys[…]

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The Old Clam House in San Francisco, California

In 1865, the world was Samuel’s Clemens’ oyster—and his clam and his mussel. Under the pen name “Mark Twain,” he had just scored a nationwide hit with his short story[…]

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Pig n’ Whistle in Los Angeles, California

The original Pig’n Whistle opened in 1908 as a candy shop and soda fountain in downtown Los Angeles. By the 1920s it had grown to a successful restaurant chain with[…]

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Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut

When Louis’ Lunch of New Haven, Connecticut, claimed that they had created the hamburger in 1900, scholars, politicians, and brand-loyal customers of other burger joints cried malarkey. Many still hold[…]

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Elmo’s Diner in Durham, North Carolina

Glowing like a bright yellow duckling in North Carolina’s Old West Durham, Elmo’s Diner serves up hearty Southern fare with more than a few surprises. Upon entering the eatery, customers[…]

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