Diner Days

Diner Days has remained one of the most popular departments in American Road. Readers look to it to tell them where to find that great Yankee pot roast on their vacations; writers love to write for it because it gives them an excuse to indulge in a second slice of strawberry-laden cheesecake.  Diner Days installments showcase the shining, prefabricated diners of New England, of course, but the department also visits vintage mom-and-pop eateries of every shape and size across the country. The only rule? Featured restaurants must serve up good food that has passed the test of time.

Charlie’s Drive-In :: Hortonville, Wisconsin

On a sleepy stretch of State Highway 15 in Hortonville, Wisconsin, sits a time capsule of kitschy car culture: Charlie’s Drive-In. Family owned since 1965 and currently operated by the[…]

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Smoky Mountain Diner in Hot Springs, North Carolina

Ask any food aficionado, and that tasteful traveler will likely tell you that discovering a great finer is an experience akin to uncovering a genuine corner of paradise. Entrepreneur Clarence[…]

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Maine Diner in Wells, Maine

The eatery was originally a pet project of Socrates “Louie” Toton, a Boston restaurateur who retired to Wells in 1953. Current owner Richard “Dick” Henry tells us, “He was mostly[…]

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Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire

If you are a presidential candidate in the New Hampshire primary, you eat at local diners. And the diner in New Hampshire’s largest city is the Red Arrow. This classic[…]

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Golden Fleece Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan

Spero Dionysopoulos’ father, Nick, knew a good story when he heard one. And he shared such stories with his son. “When I was growing up,” Spero says today, “my father[…]

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