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"the Georgia Road Geek" To Salute Jerry Reed

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On Saturday, September 6, 2008, "The Georgia Road Geek" on BlogTalkRadio (GRG On BTR) will pay tribute to the late Jerry Reed (1937-2008).


Fellow roadgeek Jason Ilyes and I will be talking about Jerry and our all-time favorite "roadgeek movie", "Smokey and the Bandit" (SATB), which co-starred Jerry as trucker Cledus "Snowman" Snow.


Please see my latest blog for a SATB clip featuring Jerry Reed and his song, "Eastbound and Down".


Thanks in advance for listening.



Steve Williams :)

Atlanta, GA

Blogmaster, "The Georgia Road Geek"

Producer, "ROADGEEK-CAM!!!"







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Steve didn't mention it, but I will....you can also catch his prior shows at the same URL. Some fun!


Keep the Show on the Road!






Thanks for the kind words and for your support.


Steve :)



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I was on the road on Saturday so I didn't catch the live version of the latest interview...but no problem...I caught it this AM. Having them available "on demand" so to speak, works for me!


Good stuff! I suggest members and guests visit the site.


I do have one suggestion. 45 minutes is lots of time to spend in one sitting, at least for a guy like me who has the attention span of a duck! Maybe when you post a program you could include a table of contents for the program with the times subtopics will be discussed so if I was specifically interested in a specific segment (or segments) I could go right to there. Just a thought….and you know what free advice is worth!!


Near the end you guys are talking current road construction projects and visits or planned visits to see them. Interesting! It has never really occurred to me that there are folks who enjoy doing that, but I can easily see the draw. And the fact that a DOT is willing to help it happen is also interesting.


Do you have the time to post under General Discussion a little description of that interest? I'm thinking there may be others who would be interested...who knows?!


And thanks for the radio shows!


Keep the Show on the Road!






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