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Round 5 Of The American Road Geocache And Treasure Hunt


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Round four of the American Road Geocache and Treasure Hunt has ended without a winner yet, which means we enter Round Five. The excitement grows as members close in on the treasure site!!


Win prizes for correctly guessing the treasure site.




The round one, through four questions and answers are listed below. And don’t forget the hint(s) in the American Road Store!


Round One Questions and Answers:


Is the cache located east of the Mississippi River? NO

Is the cache in Indiana, Ohio, or Illinois? NO


Round Two Questions and Answers:


Is it within 1 mile of Route 66? NO, but you may be on to a useful kind of question.

Is the two lane involved a currently signed US highway? NO, but it parallels one for miles.

Is the cache located inside a National Park? NO, but it is in a park


Round 3 Questions and Answers:


Is the cache located in California? NO but it is in one of the three west coast states

Is it in view of a prominent body of water? YES

Is the two-lane involved a currently signed State highway? YES


Round 4 Questions and Answers


Is the body in question the Pacific Ocean? NO, but you can get there on the body of water!

Is the body of water Crater Lake in Oregon? NO, but that would have been a good one!

Is the site in view of the Columbia River? YES!


All you need to do to be the winner is correctly identify the location of the Hidden Treasure.


One of the American Road “gang” has hidden a treasure box at a popular site on one of America’s two lane roads. To win, all you need to do is tell us where it is, for example, Mt Rushmore.


There is at least one hint hidden in the American Road Store, so check there first.


Then you may post a question in this thread that can be answered “Yes” or “No.” Members' questions will be answered by the “Treasure Master” in “rounds”. You are permitted one question in each “round.” You can start in the current round even if you didn’t play in an earlier rounds!


The rounds will be about three days long, so check back to post your next question. The Treasure Master will post the answers to all the questions for each round so everyone benefits.


The first player to identify the location wins the Grand Prize….a personally autographed issue of American Road Magazine signed by Becky and Thomas Repp with their personal message to the winner, and a $10 Gift Certificate to buy goodies in the American Road Store.


After we have a winner we will give the exact coordinates of the treasure box and the one who sends in the treasure certificate in the box will also win a prize.


As you might expect, the decision of the Treasure Master is final.



Treasure Master




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