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The Washington Coast Along Us101 In 3d

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On our scouting trip on US101 along the Olympia Peninsula Sunday (7/22/08) I pulled out the ‘ole 3D rig. I know not everyone likes 3D photos. If you don’t, or if viewing them isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy them in 2D.


These photos were all taken from Kalaloch Lodge to about 5 miles north of the Lodge on the Washington Coast on the US101 loop around the Olympic Peninsula.


This isn’t the most spectacular section of the Washington Coast (not that it isn’t spectacular) but it is one of the most accessible in that all these photos were taken within a 100 or so yards of the highway at easy pull outs or short trails that are handicapped accessible.


These are in “crossed 3D” format. To view them, cross your eyes until you form a central 3D image. The 3D effect should be pronounced, and as you would see the scene if you were there.


If you have a problem getting 3D, a technique that often works is to point to the dividing line between the two images with your finger near the screen. Then bring your finger toward you, keeping your eyes on it, and keeping it near the center of the two photos. You will notice a middle image forming behind your finger! If you look over the tip of your finger at the photos, the “new” center image will be in 3D!




This is the view of the coast from the Kalaloch Lodge main building




The beach south of the Lodge is covered at the cliff face with logs.




The beach at Kalaloch Lodge is lovely, sandy, and you can just about have it to yourself, even on summer Sunday afternoon. You can rent a cabin within a stones throw, with a view to this beach. BTW, there is a state campground up the road a short walk if you prefer that. And, we spotted several open sites.




North of the Lodge a short drive on US101




A little further north of the lodge along US101




Around 4PM the fog started to roll in. Typical summer weather.


Keep the Show on the Road!



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