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Lube Bay On Lake Quinault (us101), Washington

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Lake Quinault is on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, a couple of miles off US 101. My wife and I were doing a little scouting for a planned trip around the beautiful Olympic Peninsula Loop, which is described in another thread here, and we stopped at Lake Quinault.


To my great delight, the Chevron Station there was still operating its lube bay, or service bay, and the operator was obviously neat….a good sign whenever you are looking for automobile service. But it wasn’t his clean up habits that caught my attention, it was the bay and shop itself. It could have been taken right out of the 1950’s when I worked in a service station to earn college money.


Just about everything was there, from fan belts hung along the wall, to the mandatory pin ups. A few things were missing…. there was no compressor powered lube gun (but there was a small hand lube gun) and the hoist was not in the floor. The accessories were there below the oil bottles, but the oil was in bottles, not cans.


But there was one small jewel that many people would not recognize and that was the leak tub. The metal tub in the third picture goes back at least as far as tires with tubes. Small leaks in tubes are tough to find. So the leak tub was full of water, and you inflated the tube and slowly turned it around in the tub, until the leak was apparent by the bubbles it produced.




Lake Quinault form US101




The Chevron Station with its Lube Bay at Lake Quinault




The Work Bench, Pin Ups, Tools, and Accessories…right out of the 50’s




The Leak Tub


Keep the Show on the Road!



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What great photos. The flowers and water and mountains are surely what we all think of on a scenic drive. And that Chevron find takes me back as well. My old garage just going back to the 70's is now a clothing boutique, and not nearly as much fun as visiting the old shop. Thanks for the moments of nostalgic bliss.

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Fourth by my count and it's a picture you didn't include in the other thread. I thought I just couldn't find it. :D


Dave & Denny


I looked for a Triumph for Dave in my 1957 lube guide, but didn’t find one. However here is the page for the 48-54 Hudsons, which Alex might appreciate.


I apologize in advance for posting such a bit of trivial historical interest, and the 1000 mile lube is thankfully long gone. Alex, take a look at all the places (fittings, etc) that required attention on an old Hudson, every 1000 miles!!! No wonder service station owners could stay in business! Now its candy and coffee that keeps them going.


Oh, Denny, I figured this nice little station would get buried in the other thread...and 4th it is!


Keep the Show on the Road!






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...the 1000 mile lube is thankfully long gone.

I believe that, when most of us cry about the loss of the service station, we're thinking of the "personal service" of pumping gas, friendly greeting, cleaning windows, etc. But the service station got its name because cars really required a lot of frequent service. Today, with sealed joints, bearings, & batteries, and 7500 mile synthetic oil, it's pretty much "just add gas" and go.

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