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Nice Article On Us-101

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The June 1st Orange County register had an excellent article baout the old road titles "Historic Highway 101 in San Diego" by Gary A. Warner.


He described I-5 as being "like a huge back alley" and "Today, the monotony is out on the 5."


He gave a tour with interesting places to see in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia (which he describes as having a "coastal funkiness"), Encinitis, and Cardiff-By-the-Sea.


Sure made me want to hit the road in that area.




Keep on Down that Coastal Road. --RoadDog



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As they say, thanks for the blast from the past! I have traveled that road dozens of times, and can attest to the burgers at the 101 Cafe in Oceanside...and the great B&W photos on the walls.


It has been five or six years now since my last visit, but I'm sure you can still catch glimpses of 1940’s California along the way.


If anyone shows an interest, I’ll post the early driving directions and strip maps from the teens and 20’s and a few images. It is a great old stretch of road, complete with some of the eucalyptus trees that used to line the old right of way.


Keep the Show on the Road!


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