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Any good motorcycle roads in eastern PA?

Jay T

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I have ridden some fun roads in eastern PA, River Road north of New Hope for instance. Has anyone experienced some good week-end rides in this area that they are willing to pass along?

Jay T, Bucks County, PA


My only experience in Pennsylvania has been crossing it on my way back and forth from Indiana to Connecticut. Of course, it could be a weekend drive, depending upon whether you'd want to only do a single day trip through your state, drive just a couple hours, or make a weekend of it, by staying overnight on a Saturday, and drive back on Sunday.


Does the River Road continue north and enter into the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area? I've taken that twice (U.S. 209) from around the I-80 area up to I-84, in both directions. Last year was rainy, but I still got some neat photos: Photos from my CT trip last year - scroll down to "To and From CT"


West of that area, I have taken a few routes: this year, we took U.S. 6 west, and cut down to U.S. 62 in western PA. Last year, I took U.S. 209 west to Millersburg, the PA 147 south a bit, crossed the Susquehanna onto U.S. 22 at Benvenue. I was moving along fine and should have stayed overnight sooner than I did, because west of I-99, the temperature dropped and the rain turned to snow! But that's another story.


So, those drives may be a bit farther than a simple afternoon drive, but might make for a good weekend anyway! (Though I don't ride a motorcycle, so hopefully some of the same things that qualify for a nice drive by car also work for a motorcycle!)

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Up here in the Lehigh Valley you can take 611 along the Delaware, or take 100 or 29 north of Pottstown. There are a lot of cool roads for motorcycles that run through the area from Emmaus and Macungie through to Kutztown and up to New Tripoli. You can come back down on 309 to 100 and go back to Macungie for a nice loop as well.

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