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Hypotenuse Trail Map

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A few folks have asked for a map of the Hypotenuse Trail. Below I have displayed the “as planned” in light yellow, and the “as traveled” in the red. Breaks in the red are simply breaks in the GPS track when the GPS was turned off.


It would take probably 50 screen captures to provide a comprehensive map at reasonable detail. However, if anyone wants a detailed map of a specific area, request it here and I will post it. It would take probably 50 screen captures to provide a comprehensive map at reasonable detail.


I was not able to find a simple conversion of the route file (light yellow) from Delorme Topo 7 to Street Atlas, but it may be that the track files (in red) can be converted to an intermediate file that might transfer. I’ll look into that.


In regard to deviations from the planned route; there were a few, primarily for weather


The deviations evident at this scale don’t tell the whole story, but you may enjoy the reasons.


The deviation in Arkansas was because I was day dreaming, and didn’t realize until I was 15 or so miles off track that I was “lost.” The choice was to make the best of being lost, or return to the route. I chose to make the best of it and ended up finding the Pig Trail Byway. Great drive!


The diversion along the Kansas Nebraska border could have been unfortunate because it cut short following the Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean…but it was getting late and I was having a problem securing accommodations ahead, so I diverted to Hastings. As it turned out, I “found” the Sutherland gas station on the Lincoln Highway…hardly a loss.


I ziz zaged all over Wyoming to dodge a snow storm, and managed to do pretty well. I wanted to see South Pass on the Oregon Trail, but snow conditions didn’t favor that route, so I ended up going over the Wind River Range, and got the beautiful shots of the Grand Tetons just after a snow storm. “Tough break!!”


The revision of route in Oregon and Washington was dictated by a predicted 4” snowfall in the Cascades. To get to the coast from Idaho, the only choices are over the cascades, or along the sea level route cut through the mountains by the mighty Columbia River. Staying on the north side of the river you travel two lane roads, so it was a no brainer, unless I wanted to “brave” White Pass in a snow storm with my Florida slicks. The river ride was beautiful, and much better than slip sliding my way over the shoulder of Mt Rainer.


As an aside, because I used the GPS most of the time, and saved the track to the computer in the evening, I can easily identify the location of many trail blazing “events.” For example, I just looked at the speed I was going when spotted by the Nebraska State Patrol, and the immediate deceleration down to the speed limit. It is clearly shown on the GPS track data, as is the location and duration of the stop. He was correct, as I knew he was. I was going too fast, and faster than I thought by at least 5MPH. I’m lucky I just got a warning.




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