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The Old Stone House

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Nice find. The blog is well written and well researched and contains some other articles related to the National Road. The National (or any other) Road isn't its primary focus (it doesn't actually have one) so, even though it's not a high volume blog (2 posts in March, 2 in April, & 1, so far, in May), I found more to skip than to read. Among those I didn't skip is a really nice piece on Mose Shepherd and his Wheeling area bridge building.

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Interesting writeup about an 1820 building used as a tavern and stagecoach stop along the National Road in West Virginia.






Thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed Ryan's description. So much to see, so little time!


I hope you are on the Michigan Road today. I think that route could be a treasure trove, as you discover the goodies along the way.


Keep the Show on the Road!





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I found this place last Saturday after reading things a bit more carefully and realizing that it's quite a bit east of Triadelphia in Roney's point.


The ryan4gopackgo.blogspot.com mentioned in this thread is no more but I contacted the owner (Ryan) and he says most of ryan4gopackgo has been merged into http://thebellrang.blogspot.com/ .

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