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Artifacts From The Hypotenuse Trail

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Thanks all! I am still buzzing a little from that 4000 + miles of driving. I now have the pleasures of sorting out, and reflecting on my experiences.


I think this whole trip cost me about what a new large flat screen TV would have cost, that is around $2,000. I am only counting expenditures over and above what I would have spent had I stayed home, so food and razor blades do not figure in to that cost.


I think I was very fortunate to travel in late April. Earlier, weather would have been a bigger factor, and later, I would have paid more (tourist season rates) and would not have had some of the serenity I enjoyed along the way.


Some of my favorite stops were at famous sites, recognized by everyone, along the Oregon Trail. I was the only one visiting a couple of sites, and for practical purposes alone at two others. That allowed me to create in my mind’s eye the scenes of 150 years ago. Had there been the summer crowds there, that would have been more difficult.


I have some fun things to share, including a few artifacts for the Hypotenuse Trail faithful. I am going to give away some hot items, like a genuine Nebraska State Patrol speeding warning, issued on the Lincoln Highway, and signed and dated by the man with the badge; a few scoops of Gulf Coast sand, complete with tiny sea shells; some National Park brochures “issued” at the sites, and a pen actually used at West Palm Beach, and embossed with that address. Oh the joy!


But the premo artifact is a genuine, original, vintage, mint, and I might add “authentic” electrical connection picked up on the pump island at the 1927 Sutherland service station on the Lincoln Highway. This little jewel is first class stuff, and it was collected without damage or destruction of any sort, as it was lying on the surface. Imagine the stories it could tell!


I intend to award these “rare” prizes on the basis of a point system. Being a member of the Hypotenuse Trail Association before today earns 3 points, and each post you made to the trail thread before this post earns 2 points. I will then rank everyone by points and give the top scorer first choice, the second highest scorer, second choice, etc.


Keep the Show on the Road!







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