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You got me stumped.


The only definitive information that I can provide at the moment is that I once lived 4 blocks away from the street view link in #5. It was the first apartment my wife and I lived in after getting married, 225 W. Eaton #219.

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Regarding Question 1.


If one uses the 1915 USGS Lathrop topo, then you will conclude that the 1915 intersection Y (point B) is now under the freeway, as shown on this animation, using the USGS map.


The 1952 USGS shows the same Y, without any Y at point A. Therefore the Y at point A was built after 1952.




So you were right, the original Y is now under the freeway. Your theory is confirmed by “independent” “authority”


Now I'll look at the second question.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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