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It just occurred to me that some folks here may not be aware of Rich Henry's entry of Number One Bunny Montana in the United States Humane Society photo contest. Today is the last day for voting and, even though winning the contest is realistically out of reach, every vote is still appreciated and growing Montana's total is a worthwhile endeavor. If you haven't voted, please take a moment and show Montana some love. The link and instructions are included in a post from Rich that I've quoted below. This could be the most satisfying vote you cast this year.


As requested, hare is the direct link to Montana's voting page. http://www.spaydayusa.org/bin/Rate?image_id=1003124701. Click on vote for me, click on to vote, which opens up a window to enter your e-mail, click on submit, then read info posted, which you click on something it takes you back to original voting page whereas you are suppose to click on the vote for me box again and it registers and tabulates it for her.


Thanks, Rich

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The voting's over and, to no one's surprise, Montana's late entry kept her from seriously threatening the leader. It took a little over 6000 votes to beat out the 30,000+ entrants but the 289 that Montana picked up put her just barely out of the top 100 at 106. That's pretty impressive and Rich reports that she's a hoppy little bunny.

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