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Oh, The Things I've Missed

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To all of the members of the American Road forum who have joined since the first of November, the first thing I want to say to you is "Hello." (See, that's easier than going in the other thread and creating multiple posts to every new member ...)


The second thing I want to say to you all is ... Don't do what I did. Don't stay away from this forum for two months because you're too busy with other projects. The things you'll miss are amazing.


Because I haven't kept up with this forum for awhile, I now have to:


Read Mobilene's road trip article on U.S. 31 in northern Indiana.


Read DennyG's recap of the fall cruise in southern Indiana (which I missed because we had to go to Alabama to visit the new grandbaby that arrived in late October).


View hundreds of road photos in babyboomerbob's albums.


Check to see where Jennifer's travel bug has gotten to.


View Roadmaven's Illinois Route 66 photos.


Read Denny's tale of his Thanksgiving trip to Nashville.


Not to mention, actually posting a few times, like to my brethren who were members of the Class of '81. (Yep, me too ... '81 RULES!!!) But first, I must put some Rush on the CD player to get in the proper frame of mind ...


And please note, I've only made it as far as the thread on U.S. 40 (I couldn't go any further after reading about the 40 Diner closing in Plainfield, Ind.). Who knows what treasures are hiding further down the forum list.


So, take it from me, check in here at least every couple of days, or you'll find yourself hopelessly behind without a prayer of ever getting caught up with everyone's road chronicles.



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Welcome back! I was thinking just last week where you drifted off to. It was on my list of stuff to do to drop you an e-mail to see how things are going. We've even hooked another well-traveled Hoosier to the forum in the form of Chris Rowland, who has many a tale to tell. If we don't hear from you for another two months, we'll just assume you're still catching up on two months worth of posts! :cheers:

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