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"As the Story Goes..." question

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I just finished John & Lenore Weiss' "As the Story Goes..." over breakfast and I thought everyone would want to know that:-) Actually, I'm hoping that someone has an update on one of the stories in the book.


For those who don't know, "As the Story Goes..." is a collection of stories with a Route 66 connection ( see http://www.il66authority.com ). The stories are short - most under a page - so it's a great "intermittent read". You can put it down between stories and come back days later and not have to reread several pages to reestablish your place in a complex plot. Of course, if you do happen to reread a page or two, no harm done and, if your memory is anything like mine, you might not even notice. There are even a few pictures in the book including one of Ron Jones' attractive legs. My question concerns the story that appears one page in front of Ron.


"Celebrating His 66th Birthday" describes how 66 year old Geores Buttner-Clevenger drove, bicycled, and jogged Route 66 six miles at a time. The story ends by reporting that Geores is writing a book about the trip and I'd really like to know where that stands. Does anyone know when I can get in line for a copy?




P.S., Love the yellow daisies on the front; The only bit of color in the book. Lenore's touch I'm guessing.

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