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My Bad By Ypsi-slim

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I forgot to post my last Lincoln Highway E-Newsletter - my bad. Before I post my new one I want to give everyone the chance to check it out. You can read it at:



I also want to address some comments made about me - I am definitely not an expert in the early routing of the Lincoln Highway, especially in the western states - Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California. There is so much of the Lincoln Highway there that has been reduced to jeep trails on private ranches, driveways, etc. that you would really have to live in the area, and have lots of free time, to figure things out. The 2007 National Lincoln Highway Conference pre-tour in Wyoming proved that. Despite the fact that we were on dirt roads for hours, there were always barely discernible tracks and traces of earlier routes. Thanks to Randy Wagner for these wonderful pre and post Conference Tours.


Lastly - I still haven't figured out how folks are getting pics in their posting, and would appreciate if someone could explain it to me. Thanks.

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If any of us have been giving you too much credit, live with it! :D How many of us can complain people think we are too knowledgeable! :rolleyes:


There are two ways to include pictures that appear with your postings. Since you are a moderator, you get mucho disk space to show your work.


Method One


When you are doing your posting and are ready to add a photo, scroll down to “File Attachments.” Click the Browse button and locate (on your computer) the photo file you want to use. It should have a .jpg extension. Click on “Add this attachment.” Up should pop a box that includes a “Add into Post.” Put your cursor in your text wherever you want the picture to appear and then go down and hit “Add into Post”


The result should be a thumbnail of the photo at the place in the text where you wanted it.


It is highly advised that you resize the photo before you do all this to something under 600 pixels wide. Otherwise you will use a lot of your available disk space allocation for each photo.


Method Two


Method Two is maybe more complicated and requires a separate hosting service. It alows for the large photos roadhound and I do. If that is your approach, ask for more information. I or someone else will respond.


BTW, I think Jennifer gave detailed instructions under technical help, so if these instructions are confusing, try there.


Keep the Show on the Road!

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